Terms and Conditions



1. The Customer and Riverina Livestock Agents agree that these terms and conditions apply to the supply of goods,
services and credit when the Customer is accepted by Riverina Livestock Agents as a credit account customer:

When money is due

2. The Customer must pay for all goods, services and credit that Riverina Livestock Agents supplies
o within 7 days of date of purchase for livestock or other services
3. This time may be varied if the Customer and Riverina Livestock Agents agree otherwise in writing

Interest and

4. If an amount of money is overdue, the Customer must pay interest at the rate charged by Riverina Livestock Agents
at its discretion from time to time.
5. Interest is calculated on a daily basis from the date of purchase.
6. Any unpaid interest (or any part) outstanding from time to time plus any unpaid account charges are converted into
Principal and deemed to be part of the Principal. Interest is charged on that Principal.

Recovering overdue

7. On Riverina Livestock Agents’ demand, the Customer agrees to pay Riverina Livestock Agents all costs and
expenses (including full indemnity of all legal costs) incurred by Riverina Livestock Agents in relation to:
o actual or attempted recovery of any overdue money that the Customer owes; and
o actual or attempted exercise or enforcement of these Terms and Conditions.
8. If Riverina Livestock Agents receives or holds any money otherwise payable to the Customer, Riverina Livestock
Agents may apply part or all of it to the outstanding Principal and interest for the account.

No reason required

9. At any time, Riverina Livestock Agents may suspend or discontinue the supply of goods, services or credit to the
Customer without being obliged to give a reason for its action.


10. If the Customer consists of two or more persons, each person is jointly and severally liable to pay all money in
relation to the account.

Providing security
for the credit

11. On Riverina Livestock Agents’ request, the Customer agrees to provide financial statements to support Riverina
Livestock Agents in providing credit to the Customer. If not provided, the Customer agrees to provide a personal
guarantee or other acceptable security to Riverina Livestock Agents for this purpose.
12. It is further agreed that in the event of full payment not being made the Customer and Signatory agree that all
interests of each of the Customer and Signatory, in land or chattels are charged with the payment of the purchase
price and interest and they each agree to execute any documentation (including a mortgage over land) to enable
registration of such interests.

Authorisation and

13. The Customer agrees and authorises Riverina Livestock Agents or its agents in accordance with the Privacy Act
1988 (or equivalent legislation), to obtain information from a credit reporting agency, and to use the information in
relation to any dealings.
14. The Customer gives permission to Riverina Livestock Agents to disclose all relevant credit information to all relevant
credit providers and acknowledges that some information in the account application will be given to a credit reporting

Ownership and
when risk passes

15. The risk in any goods supplied to the Customer passes on delivery of the goods to the Customer. All goods supplied
by Riverina Livestock Agents remain its property until the goods are paid for in full.
16. if the Customer has not paid for the goods in full, the Customer authorises Riverina Livestock Agents or its agents at
any time and without prior notice
o to enter any lands or premises where these goods may be stored, and
o to remove some or all of these goods, and
o to sell these goods for any price that Riverina Livestock Agents sees fit as part or full repayment of the
money owing.
17. The Customer must pay any difference between the price from the sale and the money owing plus all expenses
associated with the sale.

GST and Tax

18. If the Customer is registered for GST, then the Customer agrees Riverina Livestock Agents may generate tax
invoices on the Customer’s behalf as follows:
o Riverina Livestock Agents can issue tax invoices in respect of the supplies where appropriate
o The Customer will not issue tax invoices in respect of supplies where Riverina Livestock Agents has issued
a tax invoice
19. The Customer acknowledges that they are registered for GST at the date of entering this agreement and that they will
notify Riverina Livestock Agents if they cease to be registered.